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Consulting Projects

Each is unique, based upon the needs of my client or their client!


  • Supply Chain Design & Optimization

  • Engineering Project/Program Management

  • Lean Manufacturing & VA/VE

  • Quality Management Systems & Customer Liason

  • Customer Success Team & Program Development

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Skip the training, benefits, and long term commitment when all you need is immediate focus, coordination, and results.

Client Testimonials

Holly qualmann.jpeg

 Holly Qualman

COO, Sales, Marketing, Analytics Strategist

I had the pleasure to work with Amy on a large scale Supply Chain Optimization project for one of my key clients in 2018. Amy's performance on this project, for lack of a better word, amazed me. Amy is second to none in her industry acumen, ability to liaison, lead and manage between multiple layers of stakeholders, and organize and execute such a complex multi-stage supply chain analysis with heavy data analytics, and a constantly changing customer sandbox. Any company looking to improve supply chain and/or leadership processes will greatly benefit from retaining Amy to lead those initiative(s).


JB Audi

The Oakwood Group

Amy's passion and knowledge of Lean Engineering techniques and Innovation drove $1M+ in cost savings and drove improvement of our program management effectiveness and manufacturing efficiency.  Amy's projects resulted in significant improvements in collaboration, training, time to launch, profitability, agility, and customer satisfaction.

Stuart Turner.jpeg

Stuart Turner

Global Logistics,
Solutions Advisor

Amy was brought it at no notice by a global freight forwarder to fix both failing relationships and failing processes for an international tier 1 automotive supplier that was very close to ending the relationship. Amy immediately grasped the scope of the situation and with exacting efficiency fixed both the relationship and the processes for 21 manufacturing plants in 7 countries and saved the business. I know this because I was the customer. Amy’s breadth of knowledge in supply chain operations, her extremely strong intellect, and in that specific situation, her humility and grace under pressure set an example that I have rarely witnessed in my 28 years of supply chain experience. She is an absolute asset to any organization that would engage her services.

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