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M&B Rossi Consulting was founded in 2016 by Amy Rossi.

After 20+ yrs in Industry (Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer Success), 

I decided to found a consulting company focused on providing value through process improvement, lean principals, leadership & communication strategies.  Along the way, I discovered there was a gap between process improvement and people performance, which is why I have added Career Evolution Edict to my portfolio of services.   To achieve maximum business efficiency & innovation it is imperative to maximize human capital... be intentional in your awareness of your people's behavioral profile, strengths, and goals in order to empower them with work that provides them with career gratification.   On the flip side, 360 degree leadership is imperative, which is why I coach women to Ask Up! for their own career evolution and enable their company to support their goals.

M&B Rossi Consulting LLC Logo, Incan Cross, Sunshine, Compass, Coaching, Leadership, WBE, WOSB
M&B Rossi Consulting LLC Logo, Incan Cross, Compass, Sunshine, Coaching, Leadership, Speaker, Author, Workshop, Engineering, Lean, Supply Chain, WBE, WOSB

Logo Story

The M&B Rossi Consulting LLC logo has quite the story...

It all began while hiking on the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu, I learned more on that trail than I could have ever expected.  The logo is layered with the Incan Cross, a Compass, and the Sun, let me explain further...

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M&B Rossi Consulting LLC is on a mission to establish Career Gratification by bridging the gap between

process improvement and people performance,

through Career Evolution Edict collaborative workshops, speaking engagements,

online courses, and career coaching. 

We aim to accelerate project implementations & innovation with more cohesive and efficient teams; meaning, ‘Get Sh!t Done’ with less investment and  greater savings while retaining and inspiring top talent.  

Perfect Sunset Shot



the warmth, calm, and energy it provides... Be that!

Tactical approach

that is purposeful, lifelong, effective, and no fluff

Awareness & Respect

For All

Intentional Action

Get Sh!t Done and Make !t Happen

Value of Time

Make every second count

Amy Rossi

Who am I? Well, here are a few of the titles I hold...

  • Mom & Wife

  • Female Entrepreneur, Founder & Owner

  • Career Coach

  • Online Educator 

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Author & Keynote Speaker

  • Communication & Leadership Trainer

  • Sales / Customer Success Consultant

  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer

  • Lean Manufacturing Consultant

  • Project/Program Manager 

  • Supply Chain Design Consultant

  • Outdoor Enthusiast 

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