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Bridge the gap between Process Improvement and People Performance...

Reduce Stress by Improving Communication & Connection

Accelerate to Achieve results more efficiently

Enable Accountability for Yourself & Your Team

Retain & Growth Top Talent


Amy Malesky offers personal or team Coaching / Advisory to your business, department, or career.  The fresh eyes approach with a wide array of industry best practices / trends, lean principals, applied experience, and collaborative & results oriented approach awaits you.


Motivational, Keynote, Panelist, or Moderator...

Interactive or Direct Speeches

Proprietary Lessons or Customized to your Goals

Small group (10-20) to  Large Conference (100+)

Ex. School District Kick-off, Industry Conference (ABC, CREW, WIA), Association Conference (SWE/COMPES), University Associations/Clubs (UMICH/EMU)


Need a Facilitator with a keen eye on Project Management, Team Collaboration, DISC Personality/Communication Consulting, Strategy, Transformation, and Value Analysis? You've come to the right place... Amy can scope the engagement to your needs and deliverables. 

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