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My Career Evolutions

The Real Story

Who am I? What have I achieved?

Where have I put in my 10,000 hrs of expertise for anyone to trust & value what I have to offer?  


Career evolution #1

I obtained by BSE Industrial and Operations engineering degree from the University of Michigan in 3.5 years, I was on a mission!  I started my full-time job as an engineer before I graduated college,  I continued my engineering career for roughly 10 years in the automotive industry (more on that later). This was a wake up call for me as I recall the scene from The Bee Movie "Bees know that every small job, if it's done well, means a lot.  But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job that you pick for the rest of your life.  The same job the rest of your life? I didn't know that."  For whatever reason I didn't anticipate ever really changing jobs. But the auto recession hit, the company I was at was downsizing, they offered me a part-time role with less pay and more hats to wear.  I was young, determined, not so humble, and didn't recognize that was the best they could offer me at the time.  So I did a job search and 2 weeks later turned in my resignation to switch into a completely different industry... Supply Chain Management. And I almost didn't even apply for that job, go figure!



Career Evolution #2

Supply Chain was an all new industry for me, but I was able to apply engineering principles, my passion for learning to obtain a few different supply chain certifications, and my DI-type personality to connect with people and make things happen... to quickly move up to the US East Director of Supply Chain Design and Innovation working with clients like Este Lauder, Dow Corning, SCJohnson, Cruise lines, John Deere, PG, and more.  Nine years later, when there was word of an acquisition where the new culture was without this type of consulting work, I thought I better cover my ass.  So, I sought out a job with one of my suppliers where I thoroughly enjoyed their culture and innovation.


Career Evolution #3

I recognized a need of that supplier, but it wasn’t a current I pitched the role (I created) for their company and told them I was the one for the job. They weren’t quite ready, but 2 months later I got a phone call and was hired for the new role. I  spent about a year there to build a new customer success team, strategy, business processes, customer relationships, and annual conference presentations... only to be let structured out once the team & process was in place! 


Career Evolution #4

The job was eliminated (after I completed the tasks)...they restructured, I’ll tell you more about what I learned from that later, but this was one of the biggest slaps in the face I’ve ever experienced! I had never been let go from my position and never had questioned my performance... I recall crossing the street after leaving the building and walking to my car trying to figure out how I was going to explain this to my family.  I had this horrible self doubt, shame, and disbelief. I mean WTF, I felt like everyone one else knew what was going on except me.


Career Evolution #5  

So wouldn't you know, this happened the same year as my 40th birthday.  Funny how that seems to be a theme these days.  I have a friend that is one of those people that likes to tackle new things, and for her 40th we ran the Detroit half marathon... so for my 40th birthday she suggested a trip to the spa and Napa... Nope, just kidding, she suggested a 40th birthday field trip to Peru on a 5 day hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  What and where the hell is Machu Picchu I asked? ... we booked it the next day.


On that trip I sorted a lot of things out in my mind, maybe it was the altitude, maybe it was the Coaca leaf, who knows, but I came to the conclusion that I was not going to work a full time job for someone else's company ever again, so I started my own consulting business leveraging  anything and everything I could do. Which is what they tell you not to do when you start a business.  Eventually I whittled it down to four key service pillars, and I am making more money now than I ever have in my career AND I have flexibility to be with my family and do anything that’s necessary the drop of a hat (or mic).  I’m more or less able to pick and choose who I want to work with, targeting my customers and targeting people that I’ve worked with in the past that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with and for.   


So what’s the problem?!  There’s something more that I am meant to do... my continued Career Evolution underway...I have a lot of shiny objects that I'm considering, but I’m not sure which of the revenue channels I want to pursue. Or which of those items truly make me feel as though I'm making an impact on the world and that I’m leaving a legacy. The other problem with this is that I don’t have a fear of failure, I’m ready to jump into new adventures and businesses.   No one’s ever held me back before on my whole career path ... but when you’re married and you have a family, you have to take those into consideration along with potential risks, especially if your business pursuits have a shared income and financial backing. I don’t like to be told "no"... so it is imperative that I work the angles, assess the risk, find the right challenge, and lift up when possible.


The other blinder that I have is that I am super proud of my husband for his career development and what he’s been able to achieve, I mean really, he is very intelligent and has moved up to the top ranks of the company... it just chaps my ass that I’m not making as much money as he is, I know just a little competitive right? ... As I hear the greatest showman song '...never enough' playing in the background trying to figure out when is it enough?  In my mind, it’s not enough when I am establishing a business and a brand and multiple revenue streams... not just a job.  I am building a business that will continue into my retirement and is enabling me to travel and enjoy adventures, as well as continue to serve people on their journey, and continue to financially back my children and our parents if ever needed.   My husband has roughly 10 to 15 years until he retires and I’ll be damned if I’m working 40hr work weeks while he is playing around golfing, fishing, and hunting without me.  So, I've got the same 10 years, this decade, to really


Get Sh!t Done and Make !t Happen. 

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